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Teen Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

Our Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab CA uses a different therapeutic approach to identify and address struggling adolescent’s drug addiction problems. As a parent, you would do anything to help your child get the best drug rehab treatment possible. One of the biggest challenges faced by parents is finding top-quality care that specifically targets teen substance abuse in a way that helps their child take responsibility for their own addiction while also helping them find inspiration and motivation to move past their addiction. We can help your teen. 

Outpatient Teen Drug Rehab CA

Our outpatient Teen Drug Rehab CA offers a safe and secure setting to help teens recognize and overcome their addiction. You'll find our staff members well equipped to provide every opportunity to help your teen move forward in their life.

Teen Drug Rehab Staff

Our outpatient Teen Drug Rehab CA therapists are trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), among other techniques, as we believe these provide the most effective tools to redirect teen behaviors and habits in a positive and fulfilling direction.

Teen Drug Rehab Therapy

We take a holistic approach to therapy, providing individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. We also promote overall mindfulness and wellbeing with exercise therapy, yoga therapy, and spiritual therapy. Frequently, Teen drug abuse is a battle of one's mind. We can help your teen.

Teen Mental Health

Teen mental health treatment goes hand in hand with Teen drug abuse. Our program structure and has a unique multi-component, problem-solving approach to improve daily functioning, social skills, and self-esteem. We help teens see past peer pressure and drug use.

Focusing on the positive

Learning to love life

With the help of our Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab, adolescents are taught emotional development by focusing on positive thinking and passions while learning patience. Our clinical staff has developed a solid foundation that has helped hundreds of teens maintain recovery.

Teen Drug Rehab CA Treatment

Our outpatient teen drug rehab in Los Angeles is designed to help teens think differently about difficult situations. We provide family therapy to assist parents with their difficult parental situations as well. Entering Teen Drug Rehab means a commitment from both the teenager and the family.

Teen Intensive Outpatient Program

Teen Partial Hospitalization Program

Teen Drug Rehab

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