After an initial flurry of emotions due to realizing that your child has an alcohol or drug problem, it is time to think about solutions to prevent your teen’s problem from turning into something they can’t come back from. You should consider admitting your child to a teen drug and alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. 

Best drug and alcohol rehab facility for your teen: How to choose?

With all the options available in Los Angeles, choosing the right rehab center that will cater to your child’s needs can be a laborious endeavor. To help your child recover their sober life, consider the following when choosing the best drug and alcohol rehab for your teen:

  • Location — There are conflicting opinions about the best location for a rehab center. Should you choose a facility near home, or is it better to choose a faraway place? Nearby facilities offer accessibility, convenience, familiarity, and the ability to keep up with daily responsibilities. However, a far-off rehab center can help break the connection between your teen and the negative influences or environment that triggered their abuse or addiction.
  • Expenses — Inpatient rehabs are pricier than outpatient ones due to the length of stay and its inclusions. Inpatient programs have a higher success rate than outpatient programs because they provide 24/7 supervision. Emotional and medical support is provided whenever deemed necessary by the drug treatment facility’s staff. In contrast, a teen outpatient drug rehab does not cost as much because patients can go home and only go to the center for daily treatments. These patients can still attend school and participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Amenities — During treatment, it is vital that your child feels comfortable. The program will only be effective if the environment can be considered a home away from home. Some rehabs provide luxurious amenities, while others offer basic amenities. Find your child the right rehab center that gives a holistic environment for healing. You can go as extravagant or as essential as you want or can afford.
  • Treatments and therapies — These will vary depending on the rehab center’s services and specializations.

Individual therapy is where your teen will have a one-on-one session with professional psychologists and psychiatrists. Your teen will be able to discuss their feelings about everything — from why they used substances to their feelings regarding their ongoing treatment. Your teen will be able to open up, which can be mentally and emotionally liberating. A trained physician can prescribe breathing exercises and other techniques to aid your teen when extreme emotions emerge.

Group therapy is where your teen develops communication and socialization skills. It can assist your teen in dealing with criticism and help them embrace their self-awareness. Other teenagers in the facility can provide a kind of support that can only be given by someone experiencing similar issues.

Lastly, family therapy is something that you are encouraged to participate in. The importance of family involvement in your teen’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is vital. If your child is lost and on the verge of giving up, your love and support can provide them the strength to go on and finish the journey.

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